Our Writers

Greetings from the writing team at Coleman News! We take pride in our commitment to delivering professional, clear, and concise news coverage. Our team is mainly comprised of Charlie Egan, Elaine Caldwell, Jacob Reed, and Susan Worrall, though we do often have guest writers publishing pieces. We are dedicated to presenting information in a manner that is both accessible and easy to digest.

Charlie Egan
Charlie Egan, an astute journalist with a keen eye for global affairs, brings a wealth of experience to Coleman News. With a background in investigative reporting and a commitment to presenting news with clarity and accuracy, Charlie is dedicated to delivering unbiased insights into the complex issues that shape our world.
Elaine Caldwell
Elaine Caldwell, a seasoned writer and editor, is a valuable asset to the Coleman News team. With a passion for in-depth analysis and a penchant for storytelling, Elaine contributes a distinctive voice to our coverage. Her commitment to journalistic excellence ensures that readers receive news stories crafted with precision and depth.
Jacob Reed
Jacob Reed, a meticulous researcher and writer, contributes his expertise to Coleman News, specializing in breaking news and emerging trends. With a background in international relations, Jacob offers a well-rounded perspective on global events. His commitment to delivering factual, well-balanced reporting makes him an integral part of our newsroom.
Susan Worrall
Susan Worrall, a seasoned journalist with a knack for unraveling complex stories, brings a wealth of experience to Coleman News. Known for her dedication to accuracy and clear communication, Susan's writing style ensures that readers receive information in a straightforward and easily understandable manner. Her passion for informing the public on crucial issues is evident in every article she pens.

Join us at Coleman News for straightforward, unbiased updates on global events, helping you make sense of the issues surrounding the world.

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