Dear Editor, 

My family and I purchased a ranch in Coleman approximately three years ago and have fallen in love with the town.

As a business owner, and outsider looking in, I feel as though Coleman is missing out on opportunities to sway businesses to take a look at Coleman.

The old saying “too close to the trees to see the forrest” is so true. I watched the city council meeting online, and I was really taken back by what I saw.

I don't have a dog in the fight and that's what scared me.

This town needs to take a page out of Donald Trump’s play book and focus on making Coleman great again.

Those that don't agree with one another need to do what's right for the town, and not for them selves or friends.

My wife and I will move to the ranch in the next few years and could possibly bring business opportunities and investment to our community.

It only takes a few leaders in the community to come together to really get people engaged and active in positive thinking and activities to make a difference.

I know that first impressions sometimes are last impressions and I believe it really hurts Coleman.

If you truly love Coleman and you want to see great things happen in this town, then people need to step up as a community, put their differences behind them and focus on making it great again.

I am not talking about the people on the city council they can only do so much. I am talking about store owners, waitresses, people that work for city services etc. Start acting like you appreciate every customer or visitor you come into contact with, it might be the last one.

Let’s stop the dumping on all the county roads, let’s make our county roads drivable again.

My point is - we all have a duty to do our part and stop waiting for someone else to do it or blame someone if it’s not to their liking.

I firmly believe positive movements in communities start when everyone can see the end game and buys in.

A good illustration is the football team in Coleman, that winning spirit and attitude  those kids had, brought the whole town together.

If those kids can do that, why can’t we, as adults, do the same thing?

So, the next time we have a complaint, let’s offer a solution instead of the complaint.

We are sitting on an opportunity over the next four years, when this economy explodes, to make Coleman a powerhouse town that will benefit every single individual that that lives here.

Merry Christmas,
Craig Smith
Argyle, TX

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Notice regarding Letters to the Editor

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