New session of the 2015-2016 GED classes

New session of the 2015-2016 GED classes

Fall semester FREE GED orientation will be held on Monday, August 24th and Tuesday, August 25th, from 5:00-8:00 in the Coleman ISD Annex Building.

After these two mandatory orientation days, classes will be available on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 4:00-8:00. You may attend classes any time during those hours. If these hours are not convenient to your schedule, a computer program is available, that you may access at your convenience.

For more information, or to make your reservation, please contact Michelle Sexton at (325) 625-4842 and leave a message.

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Routine traffic stop leads to police chase through Coleman

Routine traffic stop leads to police chase through Coleman

On July 25, 2015 at approximately 10:00 pm Officer Zachary Holtz with the Coleman Police Department attempted to pull over a gray 2001 Toyota 4 door for a traffic violation.  The driver of the vehicle, 38 year old David Diaz of Santa Anna, failed to pull over.

Diaz led The Coleman Police Department and The Coleman County Sherriff’s Office in a pursuit that lasted approximately 19 minutes.  The pursuit began on the South side of Coleman and ended on Brazos, near East Liveoak, after Diaz rammed a Coleman County Deputy’s patrol vehicle.

David Diaz is being held at the Coleman Police Department on bonds totaling $110,000.00 for two 1st degree felonies of Aggravated assault on a Public Servant, one 3rd degree felony of Evading Arrest or Detention with a Vehicle and a City of Coleman Capias Pro Fine.

One Coleman County Deputy was taken by Heart of Texas EMS to Coleman County Medical Center to be checked out for possible injuries but was later released.

Officers were also assisted by Santa Anna Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety investigated the crash.  

Bluecat Football Information

Bluecat Football Information

Thursday, July 30th
11:00 a.m. –  Equipment issue for all 9th-12th football players.
-      Players report to the Armory.
-      Players need to bring $15 to pay for shorts & t-shirts.

Monday, August 3rd – First day of 2-A-Days
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. – Practice for all football players Monday through Friday.

Contact Coach Elder at 254-493-8867 if you have questions.

2015-2016 Santa Anna Elementary School Supply List

2015-2016 Santa Anna Elementary School Supply List

2 boxes of Kleenex
1 box (8 ct.) anti roll Crayola crayons
2 #2 Ticonderoga Beginner pencils
4 #2 Pencils
1 (4 oz.) bottle of Elmer’s school glue
2 Glue sticks
1 pair of safety scissors
1 washable Crayola water color set
1 box (10 ct.) Crayola washable markers
1 school box with snap lid (no pencil bags)
1 pkg. Play Doh (4 to a pack, regular size)
2 containers Antibacterial Hand Wipes
1 box gallon size Zip Lock Bags – (students with last name A-P)
1 box sandwich size Zip Lock Bags – (students with last name Q-Z)
1 average size backpack NO ROLLING BACKPACKS ALLOWED

1 (10 or 12 ct.) Broad tip Classic Crayola Washable Markers
3 (24 ct.) Crayola Crayons
8 Glue Sticks
10 No. 2 pencils
2 Orange plastic pocket folders w/o brads
2 boxes Kleenex
1 pair 5” Fiskars scissors
2 large eraser
2 one subject spiral notebooks
1 pkg. Play Doh (4 to a pack)
1 (8 ct.) watercolor paints
1 (8 oz.) Hand sanitizer w/pump
1 container Clorox disinfecting wipes
1 box sandwich size Ziploc bag – boys
1 box gallon size Ziploc bags - girls

First Grade
2 boxes crayons (24 ct.)
2 pkgs. #2 pencils (24 ct.)
2 boxes washable markers (10 or 12 ct.)
1 set map colors
2 Sanford erasers
1 pair Fiskar Brand pointed scissors
2 boxes Kleenex 5 x 8 plastic school box w/snap lid
4 plastic pocket folders with brads (2 red and 2 blue)
2 Black Sanford Expo dry erase markers (broad tip)
3 Composition books
4 glue sticks
2 container Clorox wipes
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
1 box gallon size Ziploc bags – boys
1 box sandwich size Ziploc bags - girls
1 old sock or rag for erasing on white boards

Second Grade
1 Pencil bag that zips
2 pkgs. (48 ct.) #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)
1 pkg. pencil top erasers
2 dry erase markers (black or blue)
1 (4 oz.) bottle Elmer’s Glue-All (not school glue)
2 glue sticks
2 boxes Kleenex
1 pair Fiskars pointed scissors 2 boxes (24 ct.) crayons
1 box washable broad tip markers
2 Highlighters
2 plastic pocket folders with brads (different colors)
1 pkg. wide ruled spiral notebook paper (70 ct.) 3 Composition books
1 pkg. clear Sheet Protectors w/holes to go in a binder
2 (1 inch) hard cover plastic 3 ring binders
1 container antibacterial wipes
1 container Clorox wipes
1 bottle Germ-X
1 box quart size Ziploc bags
1 old sock or rag for erasing on whiteboards

Third Grade
1 pkgs. wide ruled notebook paper (100 ct.)
2 plastic pocket folders with brads
2 pkgs. Pencil top erasers
4 pkgs. (48 ct.) #2 pencils
2 red pens
6 glue sticks
1 pair Fiskars pointed scissors
2 boxes Kleenex
1 box map colors
1 box (24 ct.) Crayolas
1 box washable broad tip markers (10 ct.)
2 clear view hardback 3 ring binder (1 inch)
2 composition notebooks ( one black and one red)
1 fine point highlighters
2 broad tip Black Expo markers
1 zipper pencil bag w/holes to go in a binder
1 school box w/snap lid
1 (5 ct.) dividers with pockets
1 (10 oz.) bottles hand sanitizer gel
1 (75 ct.) antibacterial wipes (cylinder container)

Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Grade
2 pkg. (48 ct.) Ticonderoga #2 pencils
2 pkgs. wide ruled notebook paper (100 ct.)
4 glue sticks
2 yellow highlighters
2 broad tip dry erase markers – black only
2 boxes of Kleenex
2 boxes of map colors
1 set of 5 tab dividers
1 pkg. pencil top erasers
1 pencil bag w/zipper w/holes to go in binder
1 composition notebook
1 zipper binder
1 pkg. ear buds
1 container Clorox wipes (30 ct.)
1 box gallon size Ziploc bags – boys only
1 bottle Germ-X – girls only
Students in these grade levels do not need a back pack.
Note: students will need extra erasers and pencils throughout the school year.

2015-2016 Panther Creek Elementary School Supply List

2015-2016 Panther Creek Elementary School Supply List

6 boxes of Crayola Crayons
2 pkgs. of Elmer’s glue sticks
3 folders with pockets
2 boxes of wipes
Blanket and small pillow (label with name)
1 backpack (no rolling or small size backpacks)
2 sets of extra clothes (in case of an accident)
1 school box
1 box map colors
1 box markers
12 plain #2 pencils

36 Pencils
Spiral notebook (for journal)
20 glue sticks
Fiskar scissors (easiest for little hands to use and cut best)
Washable markers
2 boxes Kleenex
2 plastic folders with pockets and brads (or 4 similar paper folders)
Large eraser
2 boxes of Ziploc bags
Extra change of clothes in case of accident or illness
Pencil box

1st Grade
School box
24 #2 pencils
2 plastic folders with pockets and brads
2 pkgs. 32-count crayons
Pkg. pink erasers
Fiskar scissors
4 small glue sticks
1 8- count pkg. of markers
1 pkg. colored pencils
1 Spiral Notebook

2nd Grade
2 Spiral journal notebooks
2 pkgs. notebook paper
48 #2 pencils
2 pkgs. Crayola crayons
1 pkg. Crayola markers
2 bottles hand sanitizer
2 boxes Kleenex
3 bottles of Elmer’s glue
1 notebook

3rd Grade
2 big Erasers
1 Map Colors (box 12, 24, 48)
48- #2 Pencils
2 glue sticks
2 red pens
6 plastic folders with brads
Small pencil/school box (No large boxes)
3 boxes Kleenex
1 med. Bottle GermX
Centimeter and inch ruler
3 pkgs. wide ruled notebook paper
1 pkg. note cards
3 spiral notebooks
2 or 3 ring binder (not a Trapper Keeper)
Ziploc baggies

4th Grade
Map color pencils
2 red grading pens
1 medium bottle GermX
4 plastic (not paper) folders with brads
1 glue stick
48 #2 pencils
Crayola Crayons-16 count
Pencil top erasers
2 boxes of Kleenex
Small school box
4 pkg. of wide-ruled notebook paper
4 highlighters
1 12 inch ruler
1 mead composition notebook
2 2 inch 3 ring notebooks
1 large scissors

5th Grade
Map color pencils
2 red grading pens
1 medium bottle GermX
4 plastic (not paper) folders with brads
1 glue stick
48 #2 pencils
Crayola Crayons-16 count
1 pkg dry erase markers
Pencil top erasers
2 boxes of Kleenex
Small school box
4 pkg. of wide-ruled notebook paper
4 highlighters
1 12 inch ruler
1 mead composition notebook
2 2 inch 3 ring notebooks
1 large scissors

2015 – 2016 Coleman Elementary School Supply List

2015 – 2016 Coleman Elementary School Supply List

2 boxes JUMBO/beginner crayons classic colors
2 large boxes Kleenex tissues
1 tote bag with zipper (NO clips/draw strings) NO wheels
2 plastic folder with pockets
2 large packages wet baby wipes
2 JUMBO/beginner pencils
1 box washable BROADLINE markers, classic colors
1 - 8 oz. bottle white school glue
1 pair 5” blunt, kid scissors
Nap mat
COMPLETE change of clothes- Pre K can get messy and sometimes accidents happen
Boys – 1 box gallon size Ziploc baggies
Girls – 1 box quart size Ziploc baggies

1 watercolor paint set
1 box Crayola markers, no thin tip
2 boxes 24 count Crayola crayons
2 - 8oz. Bottles Elmer’s glue
4 large glue sticks
12 #2 regular sized pencils
2 pink erasers
2 wide ruled 100 page composition books (not spiral)
3 boxes Kleenex tissue
1 pair Fiskars brand scissors
2 plastic pocket folders with brads
Boys- 1 box gallon size Ziploc baggies and 1 6-12 oz. bottle hand sanitizer
Girls – 1 box quart size Ziploc baggies and 1 package baby wipes

First Grade
3 pkg. 12 count #2 pencils
2 - 12 count map colors
6 big pink erasers
3 - 24 count box crayola crayons
1 box crayola markers
3 boxes Kleenex tissues
4 wide ruled 100 page composition book (not spiral)
4 plastic folders with brads
10 glue sticks
1 pair Fiskars sharp point scissors
2- 8 oz. Bottle Elmer’s glue
1 plastic school box with snap lid
Boys – 1 – 6-12oz. bottle hand sanitizer
Girls – 1 box gallon size Ziploc baggies
Most supplies will be collected and used as class sets.

Second Grade
1 pair pointed Fiskar Brand scissors
4 boxes Kleenex tissue
2 boxes 24 count Crayola crayons
6 pink erasers
1 plastic school box   
2 blue plastic pocket folders with brads
1 1” 3-ring binder with pockets
6 glue sticks
1 pkg. Wide rule notebook paper (100 sheet)
2 –1 subject spiral notebooks wide rule – 1 RED, 1 BLUE, (no decorative spirals)
1 - 100 sheet wide ruled composition book
Boys- 1 box gallon size freezer bags
Girls- 1package baby wipes
3 pkg. 12 count #2 yellow wooden pencils
1 small bottle elmers school glue

Third Grade
1 plastic school box
2 pkg. WIDE ruled notebook paper
4 Pkg. 12 count #2 pencils
2 pink erasers
2 boxes Kleenex tissue
6 Elmer’s glue sticks                                                              
3 plastic pocket folders with brads
1 box 24 count crayons
1 box map colors
1 pair Fiskar pointed school scissors
5 – 100 sheet wide ruled composition books (not spiral)
1 pkg. 4X6 lined white index cards
1 hand held pencil sharpener
1 pkg. 8 tab dividers
1 - 1 inch binder
Backpacks are optional

Fourth Grade
5 - 100 sheet wide ruled composition books (not spiral)
2 – 1 inch to  1 1/2  inch 3 ring binder
4 – pkgs. dividers
3 boxes 12 count wooden pencils
1 pkg. multicolored highlighters
1 pkg. dry erase markers
Crayola washable markers
2 pkgs. 3X5 index cards
1 pkg. 3-4 pack scotch tape refills
1 plastic pocket folder
8 - Elmers  glue sticks
4 pink erasers
3 boxes Kleenex tissues
1 Crayola colored pencils
Girls – quart Ziploc baggies
Boys – Gallon Ziploc baggies
1 2G Flashdrive
1 set of Earbuds (used for computer work) may need to be replaced during the year
All supplies will be collected to use as class sets except earbuds and writing binder.
No zipper binders needed.

KTAB on the Road

KTAB On The Road got underway with their 3rd stop being in Coleman this year.

There were games, hot dogs, live music and more!

Mark Powell and the Lariats put on a musical performance for those in attendance.

Coleman Mayor Nick Poldrack proclaimed July 22, 2015 KTAB Day during KTAB On The Road's 6p.m. newscast.

The mayor thanked KTAB for coming to Coleman this year and, "KTAB News for providing outstanding news coverage to all the cities and counties in the area."

Along with thanking KTAB News and the On The Road crew, Mayor Poldrack invited all residents around the Coleman area to join him at the city park to enjoy the music, food and games.

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Coleman Public Library receives grant

Coleman Public Library receives grant

The Coleman Public Library received a generous grant of $4,923.17 from the Friends of the Coleman County Foundation.

We are pleased to announce we have received full funding for 3D technology to enhance the Summer Reading Program, ACE Summer Reading Program, and to provide this new technology to the community of Coleman County.

The 3D technology included in the grant are ten 3D doodle pens, a Cricut Expression machine, a cube 3D printer, and the required accessories. We are excited to ring this new technology to our programs and activities with the children and community. The power pack 3D cube printer will be available for check-out to churches, community organizations, and boards of Coleman County for a minimal fee to replace additional filament supplies. In house services using the 3D printer will be available to individuals soon, fees will be determined at a later date by the Library Advisory Board.

Circle C Cattlewomen, of Coleman County

Circle C Cattlewomen, of Coleman County
Jansen (far right) is pictured, receiving his scholarship, from Amanda O'Connor (left) and Danyelle Hemphill (center).

Jansen Merrill was presented a $500.00 scholarship, from the Circle C Cattlewomen.

The scholarship was awarded, to Jansen, for Excellence in Ag.

Cross Plains 12U Baseball Team Undefeated in State Tournament

After an almost perfect season, the District Champion Cross Plains Little League 6th grade team is in Presidio, TX competing in the State Championship tournament. They are currently undefeated in the tournament, with 2 wins.

Team members are Keegan Tillery, Ashton Powell, Beau Barker, Sam Horan, Jody Traweek, Sean Hernandez, Roby Odom, Trent Odom, Wade Byrd, Cody McWilliams, Payton & Gavin McClain.

Coaches are Scott Byrd & John McWilliams.

The team plays again tonight at 8:00, in Predisio.

Good luck boys!

Substitute Teacher Training

Substitute Teacher Training

WHAT: Substitute training for all current and prospective CISD substitutes
DATE: Thursday, August 13th
TIME: 5:30 p.m.
PLACE: K-8 Cafeteria

Feel free to contact any campus principal for more information.

Coleman County 4-Hers Participate in District 7 Fashion Show

Coleman County 4-Hers Participate in District 7 Fashion Show
Pictured left to Right are: Hannah Jefferson, Natalee Rose, and Hannah Rose.

Three Coleman County 4-H members competed in the District 7 4-H Fashion Show that was held on Tuesday, July 21st, 2015 at the Grape Creek Baptist Church in Grape Creek. Those competing were Hannah Jefferson, Natalee Rose and Hannah Rose.

Hannah Jefferson competed in the Junior Division Everyday Living Construction category with a mid-length multi-colored print dress. Her dress was sleeveless with a V-neck accented with a simple neckless and earrings. Hannah placed 9th and is the daughter of Keary and Elizabeth Jefferson.

Natalee Rose competed in the Junior Division Everyday Living Construction category with her pink and grey Chevron print fleece poncho and coordinating scarf. Natalee wore white pants and boots to complete her outfit. Natalee placed 3rd and is the daughter of Joe and Sandra Rose.

Hannah Rose competed in the Intermediate Division Everyday Living Construction category with her sleeveless tunic made from cotton knit and featured gold accents in the pattern. Hannah placed 3rd and is the daughter of Joe and Sandra Rose. 

Each of the girls also made and entered jewelry into the competition and placed with their items. 

CCMC Ladies Auxiliary

The CCMC Ladies Auxiliary met on Monday, July 20, 2015, in the Dining Room of the Coleman County Medical Center. Thirteen members were present. The meeting was called to order at 10:04 AM, by President Dorcia Holtz. Lora Fields read the Auxiliary prayer.

Dorothy McDonald presented the Treasurer’s report which was approved as read. There are still a few members who have not paid their dues. The collection for the Senior Center was $23.00.

Margaret Hall, Card Chairman, sent three cards during the month of June. It was noted that ordering flowers for hospital/home-bound members is the duty of the Treasurer.

Ann Adams, Scholarship Committee Chairman, had no report, however Dorcia informed her of an inquiry and interest from a current CCMC employee.

Dorothy McDonald read the Gift Shop report in the absence of Pat Winstead, Chairman.

Kudos to Pat Morris, Scrapbook Chairman, on the recently updated Auxiliary scrapbook. It really looks really nice!

Belinda Self, Publicity Chairman, double-checked email addresses, as some announcements had been returned. Effective this meeting, Janis Trayler will begin sending out email announcements.

Dorcia announced that the Executive Committee had met and nominated Teresa Veteto to fill the recently-vacated position of Vice President. This was approved unanimously. Congratulations Teresa!
Shirley Smith, CCMC Business Office Manager, joined our meeting to tell us about the Hospice/Family Room which is being constructed.

The purpose of these rooms is to provide a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for a hospice/long-term patient and their family. The room will have many amenities of home including a microwave, coffeepot, etc. Furnishings for the room have been carefully chosen to meeting specific needs. Thank you Shirley, for your presentation. A motion was made by Malloy Pocius and seconded by Belinda Self, for the Auxiliary to pay for the sleeper sofa and chair that will be in the Family Room. For our Auxiliary, there is such a sense of accomplishment to provide items that CCMC needs. Thank you to the community for your support of the Gift Shop and fundraisers which allow us to do things like this.

On that note, an on-going question is how we can encourage more traffic in the Gift Shop. It is our main source of income which, in turn, allows the Auxiliary to support, CCMC needs. All suggestions are welcome.

Another reminder from Dorcia is what we can do to attract more members to join our Auxiliary. We greatly welcome anyone who is interested in serving CCMC through the Auxiliary.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:39 AM.

We call him "Coach"

We call him "Coach"
Coach Howard Childress (left) and Jay Gober (right) take a morning break at the picnic table outside the Coleman Post Office.

The Chronicle & DV apologizes for misspelling Coach Howard Childress's name in last week's paper.

In a heartfelt post on Facebook, Jay Gober of the Coleman Post Office said it best:
"I've been taking my morning break with this man for the last 8 years. Today is his last day. He grew up here in Coleman. He went to an all black school, went to college at an all black college, came back to Coleman to teach at the all black school. He was one o the two teachers to move to the 'integrated' school. Taught and coached for 35 years. He has been working here at our post office for the last 12 years. Take care Coach Childress, I will miss you."

You're an icon, Coach. You've made our community better. We thank you.

Bluecat Football 2015!!!

Bluecat Football 2015!!!

Coleman Bluecat Boosters is ready for some Bluecat Football. Are you???? Here are some important dates and events for Bluecat Fans to mark on calendars.

August 1, 2015 – Deadline for purchase of Bluecat Football Program Advertising
If you haven’t seen our Football Program the past couple of seasons, you are missing out. It’s been well received and gets advertisers a lot of exposure for a little cash. We have a lot of different options as far as size and price. Advertising is open to families as well as businesses. If you are the family of a Bluecat Player purchasing an ad is a great way to show your love and support. Please contact Coleman Bluecat Boosters at if you would like more information.

August 1, 2015 - Paint the Town Blue
We would like to challenge all Coleman businesses and homes to continue last year’s theme of “Paint the Town Blue”. Why wait until playoffs???? Everyone can show Big Blue their support by hanging flags and, or decorating from day one! Coleman Bluecat Boosters will have Bluecat Flags available for sale and can help with installation if needed. Wouldn’t it be great to drive through the streets of Coleman and be able to see the support of the Bluecat Nation?

August 7, 2015 – Watermelon Watch
This will be the first practice day with full pads and everyone is invited to come out and watch the Bluecats practice followed by ice cold watermelon served by Coleman Bluecat Boosters.

August 8, 2015 – Work Day at Hufford Field
Coleman Bluecat Boosters will be doing some painting, minor repairs, and general clean up on this day. We welcome any and all helpers!

August 15, 2015 – Meet the Bluecats
In conjunction with the first Bluecat Scrimmage against Merkel, Coleman Bluecat Boosters will be cooking and providing concessions with all proceeds benefiting Coleman Athletes. All Bluecat Athletes participating in Fall Sports will be introduced at this event.

October 1, 2015 – Powder Puff Football Game
This event was a huge success last year and will be bigger and better this year. More details will be available as the date approaches.

Beatrice Phillips is Retiring!!

Bea has decided to become a full time Farmer!!

Please join us in celebrating her 25+ years of dedicated service to the
farmers and ranchers of Texas!!

Friday July 31, 2015
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Coleman County FSA Office
118 N. Concho Street
Coleman, TX

Art Camp at FUMC

Art Camp at FUMC

Art Camp 2015 at First United Methodist Church, Coleman,  was held during the week of July 13th through July 17th.  During the week, the students learned about origami, clay sculpting, silk screening, watercolor painting and pointillism.  They made origami whales, birds, houses, and butterflies.  They made clay snakes, clay food, clay tanks, clay animals, clay tablets and clay people.  They silk screened t-shirts and painted watercolor paint brushes and scenes.  And they used dots to paint pictures and painted with their hands.

Instructors for the week included Ruth Ann Taylor, Bill & Sue Shields, Pastor Brad Slaten, Ginger Test and Leslie Cross  Helpers during the week included Debbie Faries, Chris Lawhon, Haigen Hemphill, Alice Hemphill, Dixie Bible, Helen Cross and Dora Newman.  Students attending were Jessica Kyser, Emily Moran, Megan Moran, Jason Curry, Hannah Rose, Caitlyn Bland, Brayden Baldwin, Emily Bowden, Hannah Jefferson, Aiden Martinez, Natalee Rose, Alana Young, Hanna Merriman, Kara Dillingham, Elli Wilson, Jachin Wilson and Ipsha Bhakta.

Coleman Resident Loses Life in Last Week’s Flooding

Coleman Resident Loses Life in Last Week’s Flooding

The five day search for 62-year-old Glen Nation came to an end on Sunday.  According to Brown County officials, Nation's body was found Sunday afternoon west of Sand Creek, in Brown County which is where police initially had been searching.

Officials were able to locate the body because of the receding water levels, which allowed them to search more areas than they were capable of earlier in the week.

Nation was a 62 year old resident of Coleman.  He was traveling in his pick-up near Jim Ned Creek, off FM 2942 south of Lake Brownwood, when his truck became stuck and started to fill with water, during last week’s flooding.

Authorities believe Nation exited the truck with his dog because the water was rising too fast and help was nowhere to be found.

Our thoughts are with Nation’s family and friends.

Food Preservation Exhibit at 2015 Fiesta de la Paloma

Food Preservation Exhibit at 2015 Fiesta de la Paloma

If you have a garden this summer, it is really thriving right now. Possibly you are planning to can, preserve, and /or dry fruits and vegetables to take care of all that is being produced. Guess what, you can be getting ready!

You can be getting ready to enter all of these in the Food Preservation Department of the Exhibits coming up Oct. 3 at the Fiesta de la Paloma!

This year the canned section has 7 categories listed and the dehydrated (dried) section has 3 categories.

For a complete list of these categories and their rules and regulations, go by the Agri-Life extension office at the county courthouse and pick up your copy. Exhibits are sponsored by the Coleman County Extension Assocation.

Eagles Tribute Show

Eagles Tribute Show

Look out…the 1970’s will come alive on Saturday, August 1st at the Brownwood Coliseum in Brownwood, Texas. The West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s 2015 Remembering When event will feature an Eagles Tribute show by FASTLANE. Presented by Central Texas Farm Credit, ACA on the Black Plumbing Stage with additional support from Entertainment Sponsor, KTAB NEWS and local sponsors Citizens National Bank of Brownwood and KOHLER Company, the evening program offers a unique, memorable event.

The Eagles were defined by the high-flying 70’s and classified as superstars. Formed in 1971, they became one of America’s biggest bands. Original members included Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner. Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 album is one of the best selling of all time, with more than 26 million copies being sold and had the honor of being the first certified platinum album by the Recording Association of America. Numerous albums and hits followed giving them the distinction of selling more albums in the 1970’s than any other American band. Classic Eagles’ hit songs include: Life in the Fast Lane; Already Gone; The Long Run; Desperado; Heartache Tonight; Best of My Love; Lyin’ Eyes; Take it to the Limit; Take It Easy; Hotel California and many more. Through breakups and reunions, the Eagles’ music continues to be some of the best in the history of Rock.

While everyone is sure to have a favorite Eagles’ song, FASTLANE, the Southwest’s premier Eagles tribute band will offer up a great show. In fact, the band attributes its success to the overwhelming popularity of the Eagles’ music. Band leader and founding member Todd Guinn was born and raised in Dallas. Always a fan of both Rock and Country music, he felt there was a definite void in the DFW Metroplex of Country Rock so he decided to form Fastlane. Since then, the group has played all over Texas and beyond. They will have you on your feet dancing, singing and enjoying that “Peaceful Easy Feeling” once more.

To take a step back in time and enjoy some great Eagles’ music, plan to attend the tribute show with FASTLANE. Options for the evening event include Dinner & Show table seating or General Show Admission with upper Coliseum seats. Dinner & Show reserved tables of 8 are available for $500 – individual tickets may also be purchased for $75. General Admission tickets for the show only are available for $25. For information, to reserve tables or purchase tickets, contact 325-660-8338, 325-660-8334, or General Admission tickets may also be purchased in Brownwood at Wendlee Broadcasting, KOXE Radio or the Brownwood Chamber of Commerce and the West Texas Rehabilitation in Abilene, Texas.
Additional local support of the West Texas Rehab Center for this special event includes: Pecan Valley Kiwanis Club of Early; Early High School Key Club; Wendlee Broadcasting-KXYL Newstalk FM & AM, KQBZ -The Breeze FM, KSTA Coleman AM; and KOXE FM-KBWD AM. Instrumental in the success of the event are program committee members Ed & Debbie Cosgrove; Calvin Fryar; John Guest; Anna Hernandez; Pecan Valley Kiwanis Club of Early Members; Ted & Martha Shelton; Rex Tackett; Dana Thompson and Evy Winn.
The West Texas Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organization formed in 1953 which is dedicated to providing outpatient rehabilitative care to more than 500 children and adults each day, regardless of a patient’s financial circumstance.

Photography Exhibits at 2015 Fiesta de la Paloma

Photography Exhibits at 2015 Fiesta de la Paloma

Now is time to finish taking pictures for the Exhibits at Fiesta de la Paloma coming up on Oct. 3. There are many subject categories in the photography department which are open to both youth and adults. These include animals, still life, landscapes, people, all media, clouds and a new theme of old farm equipment. These photos do not have to be taken in Coleman County but do need to be taken this year.
Get your list of categories and rules and regulations now at the county Agri-Life extension office in the courthouse or at the Coleman Chamber of Commerce. The exhibits are sponsored by the Coleman County Extension Association.



By: Michael A. Palmer
Coleman County CEA-AG

Time is fast approaching for each of you to make decisions on how many validation ear tags you will be needing for the 2015-2016 Texas 4-H/FFA Lamb, Goat, Breeding Sheep and Breeding Goat Validation Programs.  Tags will cost $10.00 each for the market lambs, market goats, wether dams and wether does.  Validation for the breeding sheep and breeding goats is $7.50 per head.  Remember, if you plan to exhibit a lamb or a goat at any of the major livestock shows and/or county show you need to order and pay for your tags no later than August 21, 2015.

Lambs & Goats validated for the 2015 State Fair of Texas will have to be re-validated for the 2016 Winter/Spring shows.  State Fair of Texas lamb and goat validation tags will NOT be accepted at the Winter/Spring shows.

Reminder – Texas Lamb Breeders Association tag numbers MUST be in the lambs’ ear and recorded on the form at validation.  NO TLBA tag numbers will be added to the validation forms after validation.  Market lambs must have a Texas Lamb Breeders Association tag to be eligible to compete in the San Angelo Stock Show or receive TLBA recognition at other major shows.

Don’t Forget – You must have your lamb and goat validation tags ordered and paid for by August 21, 2015. For more information contact Michael Palmer at the Extension office at (325) 625-4519.

​“G-Force – God’s Love in Action”

​“G-Force – God’s Love in Action”

VBS at First United Methodist Church of Coleman

“G-Force – God’s Love in Action” is the theme of the Vacation Bible School being hosted by First United Methodist Church of Coleman. This VBS will offer children a way to put God’s love into action by Moving!, Caring!, Acting!, Following!, and Sharing!

VBS at First United Methodist, Coleman, is for children from age 4 through the 4th grade and will be held on five consecutive Wednesday evenings beginning next Wednesday, July 22, and continuing July 29, August 5, August 12th and August 19th. At the same time students in the 5th through 12th grades will be participating in related activities with the youth director, Hannah Bushart, and her helpers and will also be helping out in the Bible story area acting out the stories for the children.

Each evening will begin with supper at 5:30 p.m. The VBS program will begin with an opening session in the Fellowship Hall at 5:50 p.m. and end with a closing session also in the Fellowship Hall at 8:30 p.m.

Come and join us on Wednesday, July 22nd at 5:30 p.m. for “G-Force”!

August immunization clinic

August immunization clinic

Texas Department of State Health Services
Immunization clinic (Coleman, TX)

For children with Medicaid, no insurance, or underinsured; and adults with no insurance.

Tuesday, August 25th, 3-6 PM

United Christian & Presbyterian Church
(1609 Commercial)

For your convenience, to schedule an appointment, or for more information, please call 325-754-4945. If no answer please leave message.

Please bring child's immunization records.
If on Medicaid or Medicare, please bring card.

Sign Up Today to Play in the Second Annual Shot in the Dark Golf Tournament

Sign Up Today to Play in the Second Annual Shot in the Dark Golf Tournament
A golf court all decked out in glow in the dark markers at the 2014 "Shot in the Dark" Golf tournament.

Brownwood, Texas – July 8th, 2015 - The ARK Domestic Violence Shelter is gearing up for their second annual "Shot in the Dark" Golf Tournament. Last year's tournament was quite a hit and many of the same golfers are signing up now to participate again. The major sponsor for this year's tournament is the Steve Arthur Family Foundation of Abilene.

The tournament features nine holes of regular golf and nine holes of night golf. Registration begins at 3:30 pm and tee off is at 5 pm. In between the day and night golf, CMS Healthcare and the Heart of Texas EMS will host a cookout for all the teams.

Cost to participate is $100 per player, or $400 per team, which gives you a goodie bag, all necessary glow in the dark equipment for night play, and a delicious meal. Golf carts are provided courtesy of Shoppa's. Sign-up is limited to 18 teams, with first come, first serve. The style of play is a 4 person scramble. There are trophies for first and second place teams, with a special trophy for dead last. Mulligans are available, as well as a wager hole, and prizes for the closest to the pin, and longest drive. An E-Z Go Golf Cart can be won with a hole in one at the appropriate hole.

All of the proceeds go to benefit the ARK Domestic Violence shelter. The ARK provides services for both in-house and outreach victims of either domestic violence or sexual assault in three counties, Coleman, Brown and Comanche. This tournament is held in Coleman to help those victims, some of whom come from the Coleman area.

If you are would like more information about the "Shot in the Dark" Golf Tournament or would like to sign up, you may call The ARK at 325-643-2699 and ask for Mary Silver. For more information about the tournament, or The ARK Shelter, you can go online to

Mike Conaway joins Coleman in Town Hall meeting

Mike Conaway joins Coleman in Town Hall meeting

By Whitney Alexander

Congressman Mike Conaway was in Coleman last Thursday, for a town hall meeting held in the Coleman Library. He discussed the monumental rulings that had occurred at the federal level the previous week, primarily the Trade Process Bill and same-sex marriage being approved. The Trade Process Bill, which the congressman was in support of, will allow all members of Congress to be involved in trade negotiation meetings with other countries in real time.

After speaking on these topics the congressman then opened the floor up for any questions the citizens had. These questions included:

What is the update on WOTUS?
WOTUS in and EPA ruling that makes all navigable water susceptible to interstate or foreign commerce use. This would lead to increased regulatory measures and permits for ranchers and farmers. The congressman stated that measures are being taken to overturn the ruling.

What are the chances of a Republican winning the next presidential election?
Congressman Conaway stated that in this race, versus 2012, we needed to be more disciplined in whom we choose to support due to their being so many in the primary.

What about the Country of Origin Act?
This act, which the congressman described as a "marketing niche", is on the agenda to be repealed and/or revised. This act requires all beef, lamb and port to have a country or origin label on the package. This act has caused Canada and Mexico to take retaliatory measures on the US in increased tariffs.

Why has the border security fallen on Texas and why is it not a northern state concern?
Congressman Conaway stated that this is a federal issue and that it is everyone's problem. Recent bills have been struck down in the Senate for border security. Plans are in motion for another bill to go through the Senate, which would give more federal aid at the borders.

Is ISIS an issue in Coleman or Texas?
Congressman Conaway stated that while ISIS is a real threat, the probability of Coleman being impacted is slight. The state governments are more concerned with a "lone wolf" attack than a multi-person assault.

What about the Dietary Guidelines?
The Dietary Guidelines are amended every 5 years. This time sustainability is a factor, which could impact the mean industry. No word on what course of action is being used to correct this. 

Debbie Gualco: One-day Oil Painting Workshop – Still Life

Debbie Gualco: One-day Oil Painting Workshop – Still Life

Spend one day learning from an award winning Master Artist.

In this intensive one-day workshop, Debbie will demonstrate her approach to still-life painting with particular focus on composing dramatic setups by observing the light distribution, and using bold and loose strokes to create a powerful and accurate representation on canvas.

Debbie will demonstrate and offer individual assistance to explain her process of creating energetic paintings by manipulating values, colors, edges, and brushwork. The artist will give personal attention and feedback to each student according to his/her current skill level and personal goals in art.


About the Artist
Originally from Monahans, Texas, Debbie moved to Sacramento, California in 1989 and currently pursues her art goals while operating her residential architecture practice. She participates in numerous plein air painting competitions, teaches portrait painting, conducts painting workshops, and enjoys still life painting in the studio.

Please visit her website:

Space is limited to 12 participants; register early!
Registration Contact:
Debbie Gualco
(916) 207-3787

When: Wednesday, July 22, 2015
Fee: $85.00 includes $10.00 facility fee


Oil Paints (Gamblin or equivalent):
Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Yellow Ochre
Cadmium Orange
Cadmium Red Light
Quinacridone Violet
Alizarin Crimson
Transparent Red Oxide
Ultramarine Blue
Permanent Green Light
Burnt Umber (for monochromatic studies only)
Ivory Black
Titanium White
Palette - plastic sealable container with glass palette with medium gray paper under Disposable palette pads are discouraged.
Painting Supports – Types/Sizes
Canvas Panels or Stretched Canvas – primed, cotton or linen
6” x 6” - 6” x 8” - 8” x 8” - 8” x 10” - 9” x 12” - 11” x 14” - 12” x 16” max.
Panel Holder or box with lid (to transport wet paintings)
Brushes - Sizes/Types Description
Bristle/Hogs's Hair Stiff Utrecht # 209 or Robert Simmons Signet or Windsor Newton Sizes: Filberts #1; Flats #4, #6, #8
Solvents in Metal Containers - odorless only - Turpenoid or Gamsol
Metal Containers - plein air type - non breakable; non-plastic
Mediums in Metal Containers – Optional
Cold pressed linseed oil, Gamblin solvent free gel, Original Liquin, or Walnut oil
Palette knife - trowel shape; 3 inch
Paper Towels - full roll; VIVA preferred
Floor Easel preferred; table top easel if necessary
Taboret or TV tray for palette and supplies

Note: Please do not buy a large supply of any product that’s unfamiliar until we discuss your current material supply. We will review materials and discuss advantages/disadvantages of several products accordingly.


Chamber Chat

June was a busy month in Coleman and Coleman County.  The 78th Annual PRCA Rodeo was a huge success.  Cowboys, Cowgirls, and fans from everywhere came to Coleman to enjoy the rodeo.

The Chamber of Commerce was the place to be to get your rodeo t-shirts and caps.  It’s always great to see so many people in our town.

Adding to the excitement are the new businesses in our downtown area.  We want to welcome to Coleman, Uncommon Goods owned by Charlotte Purl, A Wing and a Prayer owned by Jenny Kading, Bonneville owned by Bonnie Hennig, AmayesN Designs owned by Marcy Mayes, and Rancho Pizzeria owned by Robert and Lori Williamson.  Heartland Chiropractic, owned by Dr. Lorin Wolf, is open at the south end of Commercial.  Stephanie Jamison from Millersview will be opening the Jamison Mercantile, Gifts & Events in the near future.  It is very impressive to see so many businesses opening in town.   There is a pleasant atmosphere in the air when people are walking around and meeting friends and having a good time.

During the week of July 20-24th, KTAB will be out and about visiting different communities.  They have chosen to be in Coleman at our City Park on July 22nd.  They will be bringing their anchors and their newscasts to our community.  This will be a fun-filled, family evening to come together and enjoy games, activities, live music from Mark Powell & Lariat, good food, and of course their live newscasts at 5, 6, & 10.  Make plans to be at the park and enjoy this evening with KTAB beginning at 4 PM – 10:30 PM on July 22, 2015.

One business that the Chamber of Commerce would like to spotlight this month is The Santa Anna National Bank (first picture).  The Santa Anna National Bank opened for business December 1, 1893.  The bank has served the people of Coleman and Brown Counties for 81 years.  The bank is truly locally owned as all the directors of the bank live in Coleman and Brown Counties.  It is this outstanding heritage and progressive banking that we offer that makes our bank one of Coleman County’s finest.  The physical address is 610 Wallis Ave. in downtown Santa Anna.  Their hours are 9 am to 3 pm Monday through Thursday and 9 am to 5 pm on Fridays.  The bank offers Checking, Savings, Money Market accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and IRA accounts.  The bank offers commercial, agricultural, and personal loans.  The bank is a member of FDIC and Federal Reserve System.  The Santa Anna National Bank says “Make Our Bank Your Bank”.  Hats off to Bank President Rob Cheaney and his staff for being such an asset to Coleman County.

Another business we would like to spotlight this month is Clean Blast Services, formerly known as Wind Clean (second picture).  Wind Clean Corp. (WCC) began in 2000 in the commercial wind tower business.  Our 112,000 sq. ft. plant prepared the surface, applied the coatings and installed the internals on new commercial wind towers.  The wind industry has been dependent on the Production Tax Credit (PTC) from the beginning and with the delay in extending the PTC in 2012, our customers made the decision to convert several of their wind tower fabrication plants to railcar fabrication.  This included the primary facility that provided wind towers to us.  As a result, we discontinued processing wind towers in December of 2012.

We serviced other customers in the oil and gas sectors in 2012 and continued to make that business transition over the next 3 years.  We are providing surface preparation and coating services for large sand silos, large steel skids, trailers, steel pits, and other related items.  In addition, we have made a significant investment in the necessary staff, equipment and various certifications to provide repair services for pressurized cargo tankers and trailers.  We also do welding and fabrication to support our Aluminum Transfer and Repair division.  This division services the water transfer businesses operating in the oil fields of west Texas and the surrounding areas.
Since our business changed, it was determined that we needed to change the organizational structure to match our operating structure.  Beginning in January, 2014, Clean Blast Services became our operating company and Wind Clean Corp. became the holding company for our facility and property in Coleman.  Clean Blast Services has been around since mid-1980.  It had one principal line of business back then.  We serviced the railcar manufacturing industry providing passivation services for stainless steel railroad tank cars.  We have mobile units that set up at the manufacturing facility of our customers and once the tank cars are fabricated, we passivate them onsite.  We still passivate approximately 80% of the tank cars produced in the U.S. today.

Clean Blast Services also has a coatings facility applying superior quality coatings for our products and our customer’s special needs.

The division known as Aluminum Transfer and Repair began in 2010 under Clean Blast Services.  Aluminum Transfer and Repair services the water fracturing companies of the oil and gas drilling operations.  This division does water trailer repair services, wash out of cargo tankers and trailers, sale and rental of water transfer pipe and fittings, lay flat hose, trailers, manifolds, assemblies, road crossings, and manufactures our patented lay flat hose trailer.  Since starting this division in Kilgore, we now have sales offices and repair shops in Floresville, TX and Coleman, TX at the Wind Clean Corp. plant.  A big thank you goes out to Tim Manley, Vice President of Clean Blast Services and all of his staff for such a great impact on Coleman and Coleman County.

Once again we invite you to stop by the Chamber at 218 Commercial any time and visit with us.  We are open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

Chamber Chat Pictures

Central Texas Farm Credit to relocate Administrative offices to Early, Texas

Central Texas Farm Credit to relocate Administrative offices to Early, Texas

Coleman branch office to continue to operate normally

Central Texas Farm Credit recently announced plans to build a new corporate headquarters and branch office building in Early, Texas. The Coleman branch office will continue to operate normally, while administrative personnel will relocate to Early.

"The Coleman branch office is an integral part of our organization and it will continue to serve the Coleman area and community," said Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Chambers, "Coleman has been good to Central Texas Farm Credit and this move will have no impact whatsoever on our Coleman branch customers."

Central Texas Farm Credit has experienced substantial growth in both loan volume and staff over the past five years. The new facility in Early will alleviate serious overcrowding issues in both the current Early branch and the Administrative offices currently housed in Coleman.

A handful of Administrative employees will relocate from Coleman to the new corporate headquarters in Early. According to Chambers, the move will reduce or eliminate a lengthy commute for most of the employees transferring to the new location. The Coleman branch office and employees will continue to operate under the leadership of Branch President, Scott Ogden.

The relocation of the company's administrative office is intended to better serve customers and employees and will position Central Texas Farm Credit for long-term growth. The Early building project is expected to be completed in April 2016.


Founded in 1916, Central Texas Farm Credit is dedicated to providing a reliable source of financing for agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and recreational property. Member-owned and part of the Farm Credit system, Central Texas Farm Credit maintains a portfolio of 2,700 loans for over $430 million in a 20 county area in central and west Texas. It is headquartered in Coleman, Texas and has branch offices in Brownwood, Texas; San Angelo, Texas; Comanche, Texas; Brady, Texas, and Haskell, Texas. For more information, please visit or call 877-229-0221.


Former Coleman Resident Releases Third Book

Former Coleman Resident Releases Third Book

Jan Sikes, a twenty-five year resident of Coleman, announces the release of her third book, titled Home At Last.

This true story is set one hundred percent in Coleman. It begins in 1985 when Luke Stone (aka Rick Sikes) is released from Leavenworth prison and returns to Coleman to re-build his life.

With empty pockets and a heart full of dreams Luke Stone leaves behind the nightmare of fifteen long years in Leavenworth prison, not giving it a backward glance.

Eyes firmly on the future, he boards a Greyhound bus bound for Texas…for freedom…for the one who holds his heart. The unjust conviction no longer matters and revenge haunts him no more. Darlina Flowers, the woman who takes his breath away, waits ahead and with her by his side, nothing can stop him.

He is headed HOME AT LAST.

Accompanying this book is a music CD of original songs, by Rick and Jan Sikes, titled "I’ll Be Home When The Roses Bloom Again", which features the amazing vocal talent of their daughter, Deva.

Both the book and CD are available through Jan’s website at and Amazon. The CD is also available through CDBaby.

Jan will be coming to Coleman soon for a book signing event at the Coleman Public Library and the date of that appearance will be announced soon.

Follow Jan on Facebook.

Lists Now Available for Exhibits at the 2015 Fiesta de la Paloma

Lists for the Exhibits at the Fiesta de la Paloma are  now available at the Coleman County Agri-Life Extension Office in the courthouse and at the Coleman Chamber of Commerce Office.  Rules and regulations are included with this list.

The exhibits are sponsored by the Coleman County Extension Education Association again this year and will be in the Bill Franklin Center, Saturday, Oct. 3.  Adults and youth from Coleman County may enter entries which must be completed within the last 12 months.  Entries will be accepted Friday, October 2 and early Saturday, October 3 with judging to follow that same morning.  They will then be open on display to the public.

Central Texas Opportunities receives grant from CEAP

Central Texas Opportunities receives grant from CEAP

Central Texas Opportunities, Inc. has received an additional $328,175.00 for the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP).

CEAP provides assistance to targeted households with priority given to elderly, disabled, families with young children and high energy cost related to income.  Additionally, eligible households receive education and coordination of resources.

Household Crisis - Provides Utility assistance, service and repair of existing heating and cooling units or portable units in an energy related crisis.

Utility Assistance - Provides energy payments to assist low-income household to reduce their home energy needs.
Central Texas Opportunities, Inc. serves Brown, Callahan, Coleman, Comanche, Eastland, McCulloch, and Runnels counties.

For more information on grants available in your county, please visit our website or the administration office at 325-625-4167.

Linda Wright painting accepted to prestigious art show

Linda Wright painting accepted to prestigious art show

Linda’s painting , “The Watcher” has been accepted into the prestigious Breckenridge Juried Art Show. The Show will run from July 28, 2015 through September 5, 2015. Reception is August 1, 6-8 pm. Judge for the Competition is

Randy Meador, a Central West Texas native. He has been awarded Best of Show in 5 international exhibitions, two-time Texas Watercolorist of the Year, and Artist for the the Wounded Warrior Project.

Linda was raised in Houston, Texas, where she met her husband Wayne.  She has always loved to draw and in college, she used her electives to take studio art classes.  After college, working, marriage and raising two sons left little time for art.  It is only since retiring to Glen Cove, Texas, ten years ago, that she returned to painting and drawing.
Her lifelong study and love of nature, animals, geology and the outdoors in general, gives her many ideas for her art. Her daily hikes provide ideas and inspiration.  Subject matter ranges from studies of intricate lichen to birds, flowers, domestic and wild animals and trees, which she renders in watercolor, colored pencil, graphite and charcoal.

After studying with John Fawcett and Deborah Paris, Linda continues to search for workshop opportunities, knowing that there is always more to learn.  Her husband, Wayne, is very supportive of her work.  She currently enters local shows and is now working in her new studio.

Linda says, “Each day, I am touched and amazed by all of the beautiful and interesting things in Nature.  There are new things to experience daily, but even the things seen every day change with light, weather and seasons.  From large to very small, the variety of textures, shapes and colors are endless.  So many people miss out on all there is to see and experience in the natural world because of where they are in life.  My hope is to give them a taste of what awaits.”

Central Texas Farm Credit to construct new office building in Early, Texas

Central Texas Farm Credit to construct new office building in Early, Texas

-New facility will combine Early branch and corporate headquarters-

Central Texas Farm Credit, a member of the Farm Credit system, has announced plans to build a new corporate headquarters and branch office building in Early, Texas. The new facility will alleviate serious overcrowding issues in both the Early Branch and the Administrative offices currently housed in Coleman.

“Central Texas Farm Credit is certainly not new to Early,” said Chief Executive Officer, Jimmy Chambers, “We have had a presence here for a very long time and we’re excited to be expanding our presence by making Early our new corporate headquarters.”

Central Texas Farm Credit has experienced substantial growth in the past five years in both loan volume and staff expansion. The relocation of the company’s administrative offices is intended to better serve customers and to position Central Texas Farm Credit for long-term growth.

“With a lot of help from our Architect, CADCO, Inc., and our Construction Manager, Waldrop Construction, Inc., we have designed a building that is both functional and attractive,” Chambers added, “It will be fun to watch the project take shape over the next several months and I think we are building something that the community will be proud of.”

Members of the Early Chamber of Commerce, Early Economic Development Corporation, and Central Texas Farm Credit Board of Directors and staff attended the groundbreaking ceremony on June 23, 2015.

“The Early Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation have been very supportive of this endeavor and we really appreciate their support,” said Chambers.

The building project is expected to be completed in April 2016, with branch and corporate office opening immediately after construction.

About Central Texas Farm Credit 
Founded in 1916, Central Texas Farm Credit is dedicated to providing a reliable source of financing for agricultural producers, agribusinesses, and recreational property. Member-owned and part of the Farm Credit system, Central Texas Farm Credit maintains a portfolio of 2,700 loans for over $430 million in a 20 county area in central and west Texas. It is headquartered in Coleman, Texas and has branch offices in Brownwood, Texas; San Angelo, Texas; Comanche, Texas; Brady, Texas, and Haskell, Texas.

For more information, please visit or call 877-229-0221.

“Every Hero Has a Story” & “Unmasked” Coleman Public Library has Awards Day June 24th, 2015

The Coleman Public Library completed its Summer Reading Programs “Every Hero Has A Story” and theme for the Youth Book Club “Unmasked” on June 24th, 2015 @ 10:00 am.  Two Super Big Cakes! Decorated with the theme logo’s, made by Karen McGee, ice cream and punch were served for refreshments.  The program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), a consortium of states working together to provide high-quality summer reading programs.  Next year the theme for children’s program will be “On your Mark, Get Set, Read!” and for the Youth Book Club “Gen in the Game!”

Librarian Sue Dossey announced to a crowd of 168 on how the Summer Reading Program begins in April. A book/bake sale is held and all the proceeds go towards the reading program to help pay for the children book bags, arts and crafts activities, programs and prizes.  Those returning their reading logs and completing their reading requirements receive a reading certificate and coupons from local businesses.  One free swim pass from the City of Coleman, one free ice cream cone from Coleman Dairy Queen, one free personal pan pizza from Coleman Pizza Hut, one free drink from Coleman Best Fried Chicken and one free drink from Owl Drug Store.  The Friends of the Library would also like to thanks following businesses and organizations for additional donations for the reading program: Coleman Kiwanis Club, Coleman Vet Clinic, Coleman County State Bank, Tyson Pharmacy, Grammer’s, Coleman County Electric Cooperative, Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc., Mike Ray and Big O’s.
A total of 243 children signed up for the reading program and 120 completed the program.  The library kicked the program off on June 3rd, with registration and a special program “Zooniversity”, a teaching zoo that comes to the children.  Their programs are carefully crafted to educate, as well as entertain.  Children learned about some animals and insects that have amazing abilities to live in their environments. Friends would also like to thank our local heroes: The Police Department, Sheriff’s Department and the drug dog, Fire Department, Heart of Texas Ambulance service workers for giving programs each week during the reading program.

Winners of the coloring contest were: Piper Tammany-Toddler/Pre-K/Kindergarten, Aiyana Payne-1st & 2nd grades, John Koch-3rd, 4th, & 5th grades, and Daisy Garza-Youth Book Club.  Each received an Art Craft Set.
Committee members for the program this year were Bridgett Wakefield, Sarah Beal, Jessica Phillips, Sandra Rose, Mona Turner and Debbie Faries.  Bridgett Wakefield told the audience her Youth Book Club had thirty nine students to sign up and sixteen completed the program.  The group discussed the book selected “The Mysterious Benedict Society” and made Morse code bracelets.  Those completing the program had their names included in a drawing for the grand prize, a Barnes and Noble Nook.  The winner of the nook was Makaylee Rosales.  Winners of the t-shirts were Yuliana Garza, Noah Stewart and Brooklyn Gilbreath.

Toddler/Pre-K/Kindergarten chairman Sarah Beal reported she had forty two to sign up and thirty seven to complete. They had fun with programs, arts and craft activities.  The grand prize for this group was a Nabi Jr.  The winner was Richard (R.J.) Morgan IV.  Those that received t-shirts were: Miguel Quinonez, Leah McKinney and Shi Raevion Posey.

Committee member Jessica Phillips was in charge of the 1st and 2nd grades.  She had seventy to sign up and forty four to complete.  Her group enjoyed stories, programs, and craft activities.  For this group the top three readers in each grade were recognized.  Each received a t-shirt and their names were in the drawing for a 3D Doodle Pen grand prize.

Top Three Readers in 1st grade were: Lexi McKinley, Bree Dela Rosa and Brooke Dela Rose.  2nd grade: Paisley Rae, Olivia Jefferson, and Addi Dawson.  The winner of the 3D Doodle pen was Brooke Dela Rosa.
Committee member Sandra Rose was in charge of the 3rd, 4th & 5th grades.  Sandra had ninety two to sign up and thirty two to complete and receive their reading certificates.  They also enjoyed programs and art and craft activities.  Top three readers in each grade were recognized and received a t-shirt.  Their names were in the drawing for grand prize.  A 3D Doodle Pen was awarded to Kimberley Stanford.  Top three readers in 3rd grade were: Nicholas Smith, Tully Stanford and Alana Young.  4th grade readers were: John Koch, Jade Ash and Natalee Rose.  5th grade readers were: A.J. Phillips, Kimberly Stanford and Brylie Gilbreath.

After the award ceremonies the crowd was introduced to Shilo Harris.  Shilo is a Coleman native and was injured while on patrol in Iraq when his Humvee was struck by an IED.  He told the audience of his experience and his will to live and endure the many surgeries he has received.  He spoke of heroes all around us and stressed to the children “You can be a hero today and every day.”  The children were able to ask questions and pose pictures with Shilo.   Thank You Shilo for your service to our country and taking time to speak at our award program.

A complete list of readers receiving certificates are: Leah McKinley, Brandon Scroggins, Daniel Reyna, Shi’Raevion Posey, Quintel Brown, Cameron Cash, Nolan Cash, Jeighlyn McPherson, Piper Tammany, Quinn Tammany, Brynley Rae, Richard (R.J.) Morgan,, Kayanna Morgan, Laryn Jones, Parker Danek, McKenzie Stanford, Grady Dawson, Joshua Quinonez, Miguel Quinonez, Lauren Robinson, Jack Wise, Jolie Wise, Bree Dela Rosa, Brooks Dela Rosa, Jeri Kateland Martin, Rey Reyna, Kaci Garrett, Ethan Hemphill, Hadley Hemphill, Andrea Phillips, Bethanie Rose, Cali Beal, Lexi McKinley, Mazzy Smiley, Nigella Cleland, Caleb Hale, Jacob Keeney, Angel, Marquez, Kiah Marquez, Addison Morrison, Dennis Penny Jr., Jayden Stacey, Jacob Keeney, Harley Blake, Mason Danek, Cali Carrillo, Louden Stanford, Trever Brooks, Ashly  Moore, Jalynn Carrillo, Sarah Moran, Paisley Rae, Ceairah Eldred, Hayden Flores, Brittney Gutierrez, Jacelyn Keys, Olivia Jefferson, Kadence Robinson, Aiyana Payne, Micah Lackey, Noah Mendoza, Yelana Martin, Eternity Cifuentes, Giovanny Villanueva, Aaron Baker, Caleb Keeney, Bruno Marquez, Addi Dawson, Dylan Dossey, Zane Moore, Nicholas Smith, Myia Rose, Brooklynn Loyd, Emily Bowden, Skylar Clark, Darrel Blake, Savannah Yockey, Alana Young, Julianna Kincaid, Katalina Brunetti, Elizabeth Perez, Aurora Goen, Kenlie Castleberry, Bayli Ferguson, Anthony Espitia, Hannah Smith, Tully M. Stanford, Layla Walker, Sadie Edington, Robert Lewis, Mia Alanis, Christian Espitia, Jade Ash, John Koch, Natalee Rose, Hannah Jefferson, A.J. Phillips, Neily Jeter, Daniel Vasquez, Brylei Gilbreath, Nevah Eldred, Ethan Burnetti, Ruby Perez, Kimberly Stanford.

Youth Book Club: Trenton Cowart, Brooklyn Gilbreath, Emily Moran, Hannah Rose, Jessica Kyser, Makailey Rosales, Latara Strawbridge, Nathan Nash, Daisy Garza, Caesar Nunez, Jenifer Garza, Yuli Garza, Noah Stewart, Lexi Dossey, Edgar Nunez, Jeffery Edington.

Pictured (L-R): Cake - Made by
Karen Magee, Color contest winners - Piper TammanyAiyanna PayneJohn Koch & Daisy Garza; Grand prize winners - R.J. Morgan -Nabi Jr. Winner, Makaylee Rosales - Barnes and Noble Nook winner - (Youth Book Club),
Brooke DeLaRosa - 3D Doodle Pen &
Kimberly Stanford not present.

Shilo Harris is pictured giving a speech and meeting with the children.


Drama Camp at First UMC

Drama Camp at First UMC
First Row: Alana Young, Natalee Rose, Nigella Cleland, William Bultman, Kadence Aristondo, Jack Lotspeich, Olivia Jefferson, Savannah Yockey and Sarah Moran. Second Row: Kara Dillingham, Khloe' Aristondo, Abby Stovall, Makayla Wise, Sabrina Lawrence, Emily Moran, Hannah Jefferson, Brayden Baldwin and Mia Watson. Third Row: Jessica Kyser, Chyanne Hollingsworth, Madison Wise, Dakota Jourdan and Hannah Rose. Back Row: Matthew Sowell and Jackie Sowell.

"The Elves and the Shoemaker"  is a story about Lockhart Cobblestone, the shoemaker, and his wife, Matilda Cobblestone, who are kind people with very llittle money.  Moved by the plight of an old beggar woman, Lockhart gives her his last pair of shoes.  He only has enough leather to make one more pair of shoes and the rent is due.  He sets the leather out to work the next morning and goes to bed for the evening.  While he is sleeping, five little elves come along and whip up the most fantastic and magical pairs of shoes the town of Clankbottom has ever seen.  It is an upbeat story that holds a gentle msessage about the nature of kindness.

Twenty-three cast members from Drama Camp at First United Methodist Church, Coleman, presented this play on Friday evening, June 19th, under the direction of Jackie Sowell, Director of Theater Arts at Coleman High School, and Matthew Sowell, One Act Play director at Cross Plains High School.

Cast members were:  Kadence Aristondo as Matilda Cobblestone; William Bultman as Lockhart Cobblestone; Savannah Yockey as Sneerella Twerm; Makayla Wise as Old Lady/Fairy Princess; Hannah Rose as Mortz; Natalee Rose as Schwartz; Emily Moran as Hazel; Madison Wise as Gracie; Hannah Jefferson as Studebaker; Jessica Kyser as Mrs. Snootbottom; Khloe Aristondo as the Policeman; Brayden Baldwin as Mayor Clankbattle; Chyanne Hollingsworth as Loretta Le Pointe; Alana Young as Widow Perkins; Olivia Jefferson as Zoom Corrigan; Emily Bowden, Nigella Cleland, Jack Lotspeich, Sarah Moran and McKenzie Coffey as helper Elves; Kara Dillingham, Daisy Garza, Jenifer Garza, Dakota Jourdan, Sabrina Lawrence, Abby Stovall and Mia Watson as Townspeople.
Also briefly attending camp were Kaleb Aristondo and Dusten Hollingsworth.

Crew members were Shirley Adams, Caitlin Bland, Linda Burns, Leslie Cross, Debbie Faries, Yuliana Garza, Ann Guess, JoAnne Helm, Victoria Kyser, Chris Lawhon, Mary Lotspeich, Dora Newman, Amanda Slaten, Brad Slaten, Michael Watson and Kathie Weatherford.

“Every Hero Has a Story” & “Unmasked” Pictures